Soil and Water Testing and Analysis
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California Laboratory Services is divided into distinct analytical testing departments for soil and water analysis and testing with deep expertise in their particular specialty areas.
These departments work closely together to ensure timely receipt of your analytical results for:

Drinking and Well Water Testing

Solids and Soils Testing and Analysis

Wastewater Testing and Analysis

Groundwater Testing and Analysis

Stormwater Testing and Analysis

Hazardous Waste Testing

Your Samples Get the Care They Deserve

Text – Our water and soil testing laboratory takes precise and careful control of all samples through the Chain of Custody (COC) form. We track and document each sample upon lab receipt and custody until disposal, so the integrity of your sample is protected. When submitting samples, a COC form is required in order for CLS to process your samples and begin working on your project. (Download the COC form). If you are unfamiliar with what is required on the chain of custody form, our friendly staff is happy to walk you through the process.

After sample login, your samples will be assigned an alpha-numeric CLS work order number for easy tracking purposes. Your COC will be reviewed against what we logged and a courtesy sample receipt will be emailed to the client project manager for review and comment.

CLS will retain your samples for approximately 60-90 days depending on sample volume coming through the lab. If needed, special accommodations can be made for sample retention longer than 60-90 days; applicable fees may apply.

Sample bottle orders and pickups are handled in our sample receiving department. Calling or emailing your requests ahead will help us make sure your order is ready when requested. CLS uses certified clean sample containers.