Wastewater Testing and Analysis

Experienced Guidance on Sample Frequency and Timing

Following strict adherence to EPA and Standard Methods, California Laboratory Services is a full service wastewater collection, and wastewater testing lab.

Our wastewater testing lab is certified to analyze the chemical, physical and biological components of your wastewater and other environmental samples including biochemical oxygen demand (BOD test), as required by the Clean Water Act.

Our microbiological analysis includes: Coliform (Presence/Absence) Coliform (10-tube) Coliform (Quantity) Coliform, Total & Fecal (15-tube) Coliform, Total, Fecal & E. Coli (15-tube) Coliform Total, Fecal & E. Coli (25-tube) Water/Other SM 9221 Coliform Total, Fecal & E. Coli (35-tube), heterotrophic plate count (HPC).

Our permitted clients can depend on CLS for their complete wastewater analysis.

  • Trained staff to assist with your wastewater sampling, analysis, and permit review ( onsite, if needed).
  • Understanding the importance of sampling frequency and timing
  • Experience with automated sampling equipment, sample flows, containers, and holding times
  • Scheduling at the front end of the month
  • 7-day a week availability

Standard turnaround time is 5 working days.

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