California Laboratory Services is a full service environmental chemistry laboratory with modern facilities and equipment. Our accredited laboratory provides a full range of analytical testing services to both the public and private sectors.Quality Control

The primary objective of our QA/QC program is to produce quality data of known precision and accuracy which in turn ensures that such data can be relied on to represent the true value for a given sample. When this program is also extended to the field sampling process, the data will also accurately represent the larger volume from which the sample was originally taken.

Here at CLS Labs all of our laboratory employees realize the need for high quality and legally defensible data, recognizing the impact that such data has on the important decisions made by our diverse list of clients.

Our staff at CLS Labs is comprised of highly professional chemists, scientists, technicians and support staff from a broad range of academic and environmental disciplines. Qualifications range from B.S. Degrees in Chemistry to Masters and Ph.D.’s. Employees undergo thorough, on-going training for methodology, quality assurance, sample handling and documentation requirements.

CLS Labs is dedicated to providing our clients with accurate and cost effective laboratory services that in turn meet and/or exceed the expectations and requirements of our growing list of valued and satisfied customers.

The organizational structure of staff and equipment at CLS Labs into distinct and highly effective departments, clearly defines these objectives and the responsibilities that are directly involved in the analytical testing process.

CLS Labs provides the necessary methods for the successful implementation of high quality analytical operations while providing the required routes for QA/QC efforts to function unimpeded during the daily operational analysis of samples.

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Please contact the laboratory QA/QC manager for assistance with your QA/QC requirements using the form below.

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